MOMent of Protection: Taking Care of Your New-born Done Right with - BABYTIZE

by Amit Vyas on May 07, 2022

MOMent of Protection: Taking Care of Your New-born Done Right with - BABYTIZE

Meta Title: This Mother’s Day, Do Right for Your Baby and Use Babytize!

Meta Description: For every new mom out there, make your first Mother’s Day enlightening by knowing some good parenting tips for your new-born baby.

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 Mother's Day is around the corner, and for first-time moms, this will be a new, emotional feeling.  

 For a new mom, this experience can be quite exciting and illuminating as you grow up with your little one. So, if this is your first Mother’s Day, make sure you celebrate the day as a proud Mama!  

 Amid the feeling and moments of joy, be sure of taking care of your baby.  

 While some women feel like a mother at the moment, they know they're expecting, some may require a few parenting ideas and a bit of practice with their new-born to embrace the reality.  

 Whether you are a former or a latter, a few parenting ideas will be useful to you. So, you must adopt the following parenting ideas for taking care of your new-born baby.  

Breast Feeding - Make the Most Out of it!

 Breast milk is highly beneficial for babies because it contains essential nutrients and is smoothly digestible. Ensure that you feed the baby at frequent intervals and pay attention to baby hooks onto you appropriately while breastfeeding. When it's your first time, you may feel shy to confer with a lactation consultant if there are irregularities in latching but do not feel nervous and do the necessary. An expert can guide you with suitable techniques.  

Calm the Sobbing

Yes, you can put a crying baby's cries to rest by obeying particular patterns. Soothe the infant by gently patting her back in a rhythmic pattern, since this can help the baby quiet down gradually. Other methods, such as swaddling with gentle rhythmic motions sideways, will calm her down gradually. 

 The First Few Showers!

 Did you skip a heartbeat? We think you do - because that is what happens when you have to bathe your new-born for the first time. This task is terrifying yet the most memorable one of your lives. Get a handy and cute baby bathtub and pour some lukewarm water into it. Use our Baby Top to Toe Wash, made using plant-based ingredients and able to protect your baby's skin and health just like you do. After the wash, wipe the baby using a soft damped towel and dress her up.  

 Bonding with the Dad too 

 A connection between a baby and a mother does not even need an explanation. Certainly, a baby and mother are close beyond words can exemplify. However, parenting asks for a beautiful bond between the baby and the baby's father too. So, ensure that your baby spends a great deal of time with her father. Managing time between your new-born baby and hectic work schedules can be challenging for parents, but you know this time will never be back, so give all the love and care to your baby.  

 Diapering is Essential

 One of the most important aspects of baby care is diapering. Buying diapers according to the baby's size is a safer practice. Size, weight, absorption capacity, style, and other factors should be evaluated based on your child's body type. Also, do not forget to apply a diaper cream every time you bathe your baby. Diaper cream protects the thin and delicate skin of your baby from rashes.  

 Your parenting becomes simpler with the RxSAFE range of baby care products that ensure mom-like protection. So, this Mother’s Day get your new-born a #MOMentofprotection with us! 

 Summing up, try to strengthen your bond with your baby this Mother’s Day and fall more in love with your baby. Moreover, it's your day, so do not forget to make the woman inside you happy!  

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