5 Ways to Keep Your Kid Safe from the Omicron Variant!

by Amit Vyas on Apr 21, 2022

5 Ways to Keep Your Kid Safe from the Omicron Variant!

With the Omicron variant boosting the number of Covid-19 cases at an alarming rate across the globe, panic among people has naturally increased. Even though the severity of the infection among children is mild, parents have started to fret due to the rising number of cases and no access to vaccines for children in India.

Because of the uncertainty of the Omicron variant, as a parent, you can be sure to take some precautions to keep your child safe and secure.

What are the Omicron Symptoms in Kids?

It’s no surprise that Omicron cases have been rising significantly globally. The first case of the Omicron variant was diagnosed in South Africa, and children there have also been affected by the new variant and have shown mild to extreme symptoms.

The symptoms of the Omicron variant differ from person to person. But for most young children, s/he may experience symptoms like fatigue, sore throat, runny nose, fever, headache, cough, and body ache.

Adhering to Covid-19 guidelines is the key to keeping kids safe. Adults should be watchful and take every precaution needed, including wearing masks and attempting to avoid fetching the infection home.

Are There Any Changes in Safety Measures?

Not much has changed – every precaution we took since the start of Covid-19 is still very much needed. A few cases indicate less risk and more freedom, but when the cases are higher in number, we must ensure masking up, maintaining social distance, following good hand hygiene, and more.

As a parent, make sure you wear your mask whenever you step outside to protect yourself and your young one. Children should also wear a mask since they may expose themselves to other unvaccinated children in school.

And, this brings us to the next part of the discussion!

5 Crucial Tips for Parents to Keep their Kids Safe from Omicron:

As most children are unvaccinated, parents have all the reasons to get worried. But, by adopting some safety measures and vigilance, you can ensure your kids stay healthy and happy!

Do Not Take Omicron Lightly

Even though the good part is that severe illness due to all variants of Covid-19 is rare among children, you don’t have to put your guards down. Since children below the age of 15 are unvaccinated and only some children between 15-18 are vaccinated in India, you cannot take the Omicron or any other variant lightly. Also, researchers are yet not clear about the severity of the infection, so you should take necessary precautions because it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Notice any Symptom? Get the Test Done!

Almost all of the symptoms of Omicron, such as a sore throat, runny nose, fever, and cough, are comparable to those of the flu and common cold. So, as a matter of fact, the way to actually make a diagnosis for your child is just to have them tested for COVID-19. Getting tested is extremely crucial toward being absolutely secure, especially if it’s a household exposure or you’re just not sure. Till the test results arrive, treat it as a Covid Positive case and do the needful.

Use an N-95 Mask

The Omicron is spreading rapidly, and the surge displays a good time to wear the mask. For keeping your child protected from such an infectious variant, make sure you make them wear an N-95 mask, which filters the aerosols, particles that spread the virus. To add an extra layer of protection to your kid, apply Facitize Junior, a no-alcohol and Vitamin C enriched face shield gel, every time your child steps outside. This face shield gel kills up to 99.9% of germs, viruses and bacteria and benefits much more.

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Practice a Good Hand Hygiene

Experts believe that children should be taught proper hand hygiene, including frequent hand washing for 20 seconds. Since hands are the biggest carrier of germs, keeping them clean is a must to prevent getting infected. When outside, give your kid the RxSAFE Foamtize, a smart waterless foaming hand wash that protects from germs, viruses and bacteria, offers lime fragrant and moisturizes hands. However, always prefer washing your hands over every product because that’s the best way to eliminate microorganisms.

Avoid Gatherings

Even if you are vaccinated, chances are your young kid might not be. So, it makes sense to slow down on social gatherings, at least, for the time cases start to drop. If there’s no option other than meeting everyone, make sure you and everyone eligible to get their vaccine have got it. Also, do not forget to put your mask on and keep a social distance from everyone you meet at the event, whether indoors or outdoors.

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Remember, your kids will learn from you, so save no effort in sticking to much-needed Covid-19 precautionary measures and teach your kid the same.