7 Quick and Easy Hacks to Keep Your Kitchen Sparkling Clean and Smelling Good!

by Amit Vyas on Apr 21, 2022

7 Quick and Easy Hacks to Keep Your Kitchen Sparkling Clean and Smelling Good!

Dirty dishes, coffee stains, stained kitchen sink, garbage can, cooking, and more, all these make your kitchen a big mess.


However, cleaning each surface and item of your kitchen every day is a little infeasible. So, here we help you with some simple yet smart cleaning hacks to keep your kitchen sparkling clean and that too with a great smell!

7 Hacks to Keep Your Kitchen Clean and Odour-free!

Smelly Sink? Salt to Your Rescue!

A clogged sink or drain contributes to the way your kitchen smells. The drain gets all kinds of food wastes and gunk, thus leading to an unpleasant kitchen sink smell. Here’s a simple alternative to clean the drain – get a cup and fill it with salt & get another cup and fill it with cold water. Take those two filled cups and pour them into the sink. Support it by draining hot water into the drain, let it stay for a minute and then finish off by running the cold water into the sink.

Cleaning Wooden Board in the Simplest Way

Wooden boards continue to get ill-fame since they have always been pretty troublesome to scrub and clean. As wooden boards have a rough covering, they create an ideal environment for bacteria to grow and survive. So, it’s better to get them clean before they turn out to be harmful. Hence here’s an easy way to clean wooden boards – get 1/2 lemon, a pinch of salt, water and a sponge to rub all the food scraps and gunk away from the wooden cutting board.

Refresh Your Garbage Can with Essential Oils!

Garbage stink can make you feel like rushing out of the house, right? Clean the garbage can every day, and to keep it fresh and odour-free, use cotton balls soaked in essential oil and keep it inside and around the can. You can also clean the can by spilling warm water and baking soda, which is an effective kitchen smell remover, and then wipe with a dry cloth after a few minutes. Baking soda works wonderfully as a kitchen smell remover.

Your Absolute Kitchen Freshener – Vinegar!

One good hack to ensure that the cooking smell does not get permeated in the entire space is to use water and vinegar. Neutralize the pungent smell of food quickly by keeping an uncovered pot on the stove and adding a cup of water and vinegar to it. Now, boil the water for a few minutes and release the steam from the pot, so it spreads in the kitchen and eliminates other smells.

Baking Soda to Keep Your Fridge Fresh & Nice

Your fridge can many times fill your kitchen with an unpleasant odour. You should check the things kept in your fridge and clean them regularly. Before a remaining food item becomes stale, make sure you remove it from the fridge. The simplest kitchen smell remover hack you could follow is putting a small bowl of baking soda in the refrigerator.

No Time to Wash Dirty Dishes? Don’t Worry About the Bad Odour!

As and when you use a dish, develop a habit of washing it instantly. If you are not planning to wash the dishes immediately, put some baking soda at the base of your dishwasher. In case you don’t use a dishwasher, then take some baking soda in a bowl and put it in the kitchen. Baking soda will consume all the kitchen smell, whether it’s because of unwashed dishes or any other reason.

The Magic of Ambitize, the Air Freshener!

If you feel a not-so-good smell in your kitchen, then spray Ambitize, an air freshener that sanitizes, freshens and purifies the air. It possesses a signature bouquet fragrance that fills the room with the aroma of Rosemary oil, which has anti-bacterial properties. Also, an unclean kitchen is a favourite place for microbes, so by spraying Ambitize, you stay safe with its sanitizing properties.

Ambitize is an air sanitizer spray certified by NABL Accredited Lab to kill 99.9 % of germs, viruses and bacteria and provide long-lasting protection up to 12 hours.

Enhance your life by following these simple hacks to keep your kitchen clean and odour-free!