7 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

by Amit Vyas on Apr 21, 2022

7 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

What comes to mind when one thinks of air contamination? Exhaust fumes, industrial chimneys, burning garbage piles, planes, traffic in cities, and so on, right?


Nonetheless, one should be aware that the air quality inside your home is way worse than the air quality outside.

While most of us have been making sure to stay home to protect ourselves from coronavirus, the air inside the house is a concern that needs to be addressed because the amount of time people spend staying indoors has grown significantly.

Generally, indoor air pollution transpires because of gas stoves releasing gas & other particles, furniture, mopping dust, poor ventilation, poorly maintained air conditioning systems, daily living, pets and more. Thus, leading to poor indoor air quality and sometimes health problems in the vulnerable section of people.

However, no need to fret as we are here to give some good ways to improve indoor air quality.

Ways to Improve Air Quality in Your Home:

Keep a Check on Air Ducts

Air ducts provide hot and cold air in the house to ensure a pleasant climate inside. So, keeping air ducts clean is quite significant for good indoor air quality. If air ducts are not installed right or managed well, they spread contaminants. Clean the air ducts and the furniture as soon as the dust covers them. Irregular cleaning of air ducts gives birth to dust and mold, which leads to poor air quality issues.

Use Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Install an exhaust fan in your bathroom if there isn’t any. An exhaust fan prevents the build-up of moisture in the bathroom. When vapour mixes with moisture, it creates mild dew, parasites, and mold, which can trigger allergies. Excessive moisture can lead to the release of chemicals from cleaning products as well. So, bathroom ventilation is a must for good indoor air quality.

Check Air Filters Regularly

Air filters work to keep the air clean inside your home. Often dust, particles, microorganisms & other air pollutants get trapped into air filters and get circulated in the house. So, to monitor the indoor air quality, regular cleaning of AC filters, kitchen vent, vacuum cleaner, cloth dryer, etc., is necessary. The ideal way is to clean or replace these air filters every few months so that you breathe pure air.

Boost the Ventilation Inside

For improving ventilation in the house, one should keep the windows open. When you are doing activities, such as cleaning the house or cooking the food, one should make sure that the windows are open. In this way, the air pollutants do not expand, and the house receives fresh air. If the house is located on a bustling road, then turn on the fan to reduce the degree of air pollutants in the home.

Invest in Air Sanitizer Spray

Another good way to improve indoor air quality is to invest in an air sanitizer spray. We would recommend trying an air freshener that also sanitizes the surrounding air- Ambitize. RxSAFE Ambitize is an air disinfectant spray that kills 99.9% of microbial pollutants present in the air, improves indoor air quality & ensures protection from air-borne diseases. This air sanitizer fills the house with a pleasant fragrance imparted from Rosemary oil.

Use Indoor Plants

What’s best than opting for the purest form of the air filter to improve air quality? The answer is simple! Put some indoor plants in your home to purify the air naturally. Get plants like ferns or palm trees to draw the contaminants that deteriorate the indoor air quality. Another good thing about using indoor plants is that they enhance the aesthetics of your place. Although you need a good number of indoor plants to serve the purpose.

Do Not Smoke Inside the House

Firstly, smoking is dangerous to human health, whether it’s inside the house or the outside. When one smokes indoors, other family members also get exposed to that harmful smoke. People who get exposed to second-hand smoke have a higher chance of getting heart disease. The children in your house can also get ear or lungs infection due to second-hand smoking. So, it’s best to avoid doing so.

Maintaining good air quality in the home needs attention and preventative actions. Now that you know some easy and effective ways to improve indoor air quality, do not refrain from doing so.