Baby Powder - Can You Use it on Your Baby?

by Amit Vyas on Apr 27, 2022

Baby Powder - Can You Use it on Your Baby?

Excessive moisture, diaper rashes, sweating, irritation, and itching are some issues that babies may battle during summertime. Using baby powder in summer will be the ideal way to keep your baby fresh all day long. A good quality and safe baby powder absorbs sweat, prevents odour, and ensures freshness.   

Here's everything you need to know about baby powder in detail.  

Baby Powder - What Does it Include Primarily?  

 Because talcum is involved in the formulation of most baby powders, it is even known as talcum powder. A mineral made up of silicon, magnesium, and oxygen, named talc, is the main component in talcum powder. Talcum is used to make baby powder because of its moisture-absorbing properties and capacity to lower friction. 


However, with time, brands are evolving and coming up with safer alternatives than talcum. Nowadays, baby powders are made of corn starch, a far more suitable option than talcum powders. Talc alternatives such as tapioca starch, arrowroot starch, rice starch, kaolin clay and oat flour are safer and becoming well-known too. 

Do Babies Need Baby Powder in Summer?  

While your baby needs to wear a diaper daily in her initial years, the diaper actually rubs the little one's delicate skin repeatedly and leads to rashes and irritation. This is the reason why a baby powder is used. A baby powder absorbs the excess moisture from the skin and prevents rashes.  


Nevertheless, there is no need to use baby powder all over your baby's skin. You should apply the baby powder only where it is needed. Ensure applying to the neck, underarms and around the genitals, where sweating is a little more during hot days and avoid spreading it to the entire body.   

Should You Use Baby Powder on Infants?  

Babies are easily susceptible to ingesting the baby powder used on their skin — specifically if it is talc-based. Talcum formula includes fine particles that can be snorted and irritate the sensitive lungs of your baby. So, you must exercise extra caution if your baby suffers from a respiratory illness, such as asthma, because baby talcum powder may pose a risk. 

You can use a corn starch-based baby powder or a tapioca starch-based baby powder. Tapioca starch is an alternative to corn starch. Corn starch has great absorbing qualities, and because it has larger particles, it does not get airborne. Moreover, Tapioca starch also soaks moisture and oil well and helps to prevent chafing in babies.  

All in all, you can use baby powder on your baby, but be wise when it comes to the brand and the ingredients included in a baby powder.  

Which is the Best Baby Powder for My New-born?  

Before you buy a baby powder for your little one, ensure to carry out some research of your own. To begin with, only get baby powder from a trusted and natural brand so that quality and ingredients are of no concern. You have many options for baby powder - consider the one that works best for your baby.  

Try Babytize Baby Powder from RxSAFE, a revolutionary brand that offers smart health and hygiene products made using natural ingredients. The Babytize Baby Powder is a talc-free baby powder infused with natural, plant-based ingredients like Lavender Oil, Aloe Vera Extract, Rosemary Oil, and Vitamin E. You must use this baby powder for good skin health and stay protected from 99.9% of germs, viruses and bacteria.  

How to Use a Baby Powder Rightly?  

Here's how you can use a baby powder in the right way:  

  • Squeeze some baby powder on your palm and pat the baby's skin softly with the powder.  
  • While you take the powder in your palm, ensure that it does not get into your baby's eyes or does not get inhaled by the baby.  
  • Avoid sprinkling the baby powder directly on the baby's skin.  
  • Do not apply the baby powder to the baby's face so that baby does not suffer from respiratory problems.  
  • To avoid skin infections, clean any leftover powder that piles up in your baby's skin folds with a soft cloth. 


When you use safe and good-quality baby powder for your little one, nothing can go out of order! Choose the skin products for your baby smartly - check out our range of smart, plant-based baby care products now!