Baby Skincare Myths Busted and Facts Revealed!

by Amit Vyas on Apr 21, 2022

Baby Skincare Myths Busted and Facts Revealed!

Being a new mom, you may have faced or might be facing many challenges to keep your baby’s skin and health immaculate. Not only that, all those pieces of advice coming around from every corner could be creating confusion and misconceptions in your mind, adding a lot to the troubles of maintaining a baby.

However, you don’t have to worry anymore. Here we debunk some common baby skincare myths that we often come across.

Debunking Common Myths around Baby’s Skincare:

#Myth 1: All baby soaps are of great quality

While everyone thinks that all baby soaps available in the market are high quality, let us convey to you that it’s not the case. Most soaps include harmful chemicals in their formulation and are not pH neutral, which are not suitable for a baby’s skin and can lead to dry skin, itching and rashes. So when you are purchasing soap for your baby, look for the ones that are paraben, SLS free and include natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, Neem, Green Tea, Coconut and some more.

You may like our range of natural soaps: Baby Soap Aloe Vera & Avocado, Baby Soap pH 5.5, Baby Soap Green Tea & Papaya. 

#Myth 2: Babies do not need moisturization

One of the most common baby skincare myths is that new-borns do not require moisturizing because they have smoother skin. Nevertheless, we almost always overlook that the moment a new baby is born, the natural environment and the air treat them equally as an adult, and the baby’s skin loses moisture. You can keep the moisture intact in the baby’s body by using olive oil, mustard oil or coconut oil for a massage before the bath.

After the bath, apply RxSAFE Babytize Baby Lotion, made with Olive Oil, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil and more. This baby lotion will not only provide optimum hydration but protect the baby from up to 99.9% of germs, viruses and bacteria.

#Myth 3: Baby needs to bath every day

Just like we adults bath daily, we make sure that babies also get a good warm bath every day. However, much research suggests that there is no need to bathe the baby daily. In fact, doctors also advise not to bathe the baby every day because extra exposure to water can pull out the moisture from the skin and make way for skin problems. Simply washing the face and cleaning the baby’s bottom with a moist cloth or water will do.

Having said that, bathing your baby not over 2 to 3 times per week is absolutely safe, as long as you carefully wipe the diaper area after each change and apply baby lotion on a daily basis.

#Myth 4: Oil massages have been around for a quite long time but are ineffectual.

A new-born baby skincare myth that is totally false – oil massages for babies have been considered best not just by grandmas but by doctors too. Massaging your baby with oil boosts blood circulation, aids in the process of flexibility, eases stomach problems & teething pain, and helps in bone strengthening. A warm bath following the oil massage can also help your baby sleep soundly.

A soft oil massage will work wonders for your baby if done right! Using natural, plant-based baby massage oil helps protect and moisturize the soft and delicate skin of the baby.

#Myth 5: Diapers can cause a rash

A diaper per se does not cause a rash, but when you do not change the used diaper for long hours or use ill-fitted diapers, then there’s a chance of getting a diaper rash. The baby’s bottom gets irritated due to urinating, pooping and friction from the diaper. So, if diapers go unchanged for long and the bottom isn’t cleaned and dried rightly, the skin becomes prone to rashes.

So, along with maintaining a routine of massaging and bathing the baby, change diapers regularly. Also, apply a good nappy rash cream to keep diaper rash away and cure the existing one!

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We hope we have put to rest the misconceptions you may have had. When you have clarity, you can take care of your baby better and worry-free.