Everything You Need to Know about Natural Deodorants

by Amit Vyas on Apr 21, 2022

Everything You Need to Know about Natural Deodorants

So, you’re planning to switch to natural deodorants? The shift could make you feel a little overwhelming, especially if you’ve been using traditional deodorants for a good time now. But you don’t have to worry about it as natural deodorants are totally safe, organic and effective.

For making your switch to natural deodorants easier and make you feel more assured about them, here’s a beginner’s guide on natural deodorants for you.


What are Natural Deodorants?

Since chemistry is involved everywhere, you’re never going to get a chemical-free deodorant. However, the reason why still natural deodorants are named natural deodorants is that they’re made using organic ingredients and do not include any harsh chemicals in their composition.

Natural deodorants are natural products that you can use every day instead of traditional deodorants. You need to be aware that not every natural deodorant devised uses the same ingredients or processes, making it crucial to double-check the ingredient list of the natural deodorant you’re planning to buy.

Why Making a Switch to Natural Deodorants is Necessary?

The traditional deodorants you get into every other shop are full-packed with harmful chemicals, and these chemicals can be hazardous for your body. Most natural deodorants do not include any toxic substances that can cause any adverse effects on your body. They protect the skin from any irritation or infection and prevents the body odour due to sweating.

Furthermore, the best thing about going natural is you use an aluminium-free deodorant. Aluminium is the active ingredient in antiperspirant deodorants, which not just holds the sweat ducts, gets absorbed in the skin and taint your clothes but is linked with the risk of getting cancer as well.

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Natural Deodorants:

You Have to Give Natural Deodorant Some Time to Adjust

Do not give up on a natural deodorant in a day or two. Your body takes time to adjust to a new and natural product, so hold on even if you feel a little sweaty or weird after applying the natural deodorant. While using antiperspirant deodorant, you have been blocking your pores for a long, so your sweat glands will require time to adapt and balance when you switch to natural deodorant.

It’s Okay to Sweat

Sweating is not at all a bad thing. In fact, it is a natural solution to protect the body from diseases and get rid of toxins. The traditional deodorants block your pores and stop you from sweating. So, when you switch to natural deodorant, you feel more sweaty than usual for the initial days. Try Deotize by RxSAFE, a natural deodorant that prevents odour caused due to sweating, makes you feel refreshed all day long and includes sanitizing properties.

Natural deodorants are safe, but you need to check the ingredients 

Natural deodorants are the safest, but you need to check the ingredients it carries. Many natural deodorant’s ingredients list includes baking soda, which is good to fight bad odour but may not suit people with sensitive skin. The fragrance in natural deodorants come through several ingredients that give a fresh smell but can cause hormone disruption, so using a natural deodorant scented with essential oils works best. Our Deotize is made with the goodness of Rosemary Oil.

You don’t have to worry about tainting your clothes

Natural deodorants made using natural ingredients do not taint clothes. Our natural deodorants for men and women are composed of natural ingredients, so they won’t be staining your clothes. Ideally, you must apply deodorant on your skin from a distance of 4-6 inches and should not overspray it, only 2-3 swipes are enough. Generally, stains occur due to over-spraying.

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