Here’s How You Can Protect Yourself During Monsoons

by Amit Vyas on Apr 21, 2022

Here’s How You Can Protect Yourself During Monsoons

We love rain, but are you aware that the monsoon season is also the favourite for all sorts of germs, viruses and bacteria as they grow during wet weather. People are more prone to infections and viral diseases during the rainy season, as adverse weather conditions make people sick.


It is that time of the year where there are more harmful bacteria in the air, and the spread of viral fever, infections, diseases like dengue, malaria, allergies etc., is widespread. So, to stay safe, people need to take some monsoon safety precautions.

Which Diseases Occur in Monsoon?

Food and Water-borne Diseases: When proper hygiene standards are not maintained while preparing food, it can affect your body and lead to stomach issues or fever. You can also attract diseases like cholera, typhoid, diarrhoea due to unhygienic practices. Since contaminated water and junk food can lead to illness, it’s better to avoid eating out.

Mosquito-borne Diseases: Because of heavy rainfall, water gets stored in various spots like puddles or open tanks and becomes a hotspot for mosquitos and diseases like dengue, chikungunya and malaria. So, you need to apply mosquito repellent creams while stepping out, and mosquito-repellent sprays should be used indoors.

Air-borne Diseases: Air-borne diseases like viral fever and cold are common during the year, but they increase significantly during the monsoon. Many people get fever, cold, running nose or sore throat during the rainy season. Whenever you step outside, do not walk in rainwater puddles and avoid getting drained in the rains. Always use an umbrella or raincoat. If you get wet in the rain, take a warm shower as soon as you return home.

Safety Precautions During the Rainy Season:

Ensure Proper Ventilation:

Indoor spaces are a place for germs, viruses and bacteria, and during monsoon, they grow in excess, so pure air and sunlight are much-needed in your home. For ensuring proper ventilation in your house, you should keep your home clean and use exhaust fans in the bathroom to avoid moistness. Also, spray Ambitize, an air disinfectant spray enriched with Rosemary Oil and made to kill 99.9% of germs, viruses and bacteria in your space.

Keep Hand Hygiene:

Hands are the biggest germs and virus transmitters, and so maintaining hand hygiene is of utmost significance. You need to wash your hands with soap and water every time you come from outside, sneeze, cough, before and after you eat or have touched any surface. If washing hands is not possible, you can use a skin-nourishing foam-based hand wash made to kill germs, viruses and bacteria.

Clean your Footwear:

Another monsoon safety precaution you should not forget to take is cleaning your footwear. The filthy water and mud you step on during monsoon contain harmful germs and pathogens, so sanitizing or washing your footwear as soon as you reach home is a must. The best is to use water-resistant shoes or boots- so you stay dry, clean and safe from any disease-causing microbes.

Stay Safe from Diseases:

For staying safe from diseases, you need to maintain overall personal and body hygiene. You should shower every day and wash your hair often to avoid any skin infections. Whenever you go outside during the rainy season, you should keep a safe distance from people, wear a raincoat, carry an umbrella and most importantly, wear a mask to avoid getting any diseases.

Before wearing a mask, do not forget to add an extra layer of protection by applying RxSAFE Facitize and Facitize Junior, an alcohol-free face shield gel made with essential oils that protect the face for up to 6 hours from 99.9% of germs, viruses and bacteria and Mucor mycosis.

Facitize Junior is enriched with Vitamin C & E and is a natural mosquito repellent also, thus perfect for kids during monsoon.

Amidst enjoying the rains, do not forget to take these and many other monsoon precautions!