How Covid-19 has Highlighted the Significance of Hygiene in our Lives

by Amit Vyas on Apr 21, 2022

How Covid-19 has Highlighted the Significance of Hygiene in our Lives

While social distancing due to the Covid-19 pandemic was imposed globally, staying indoors was the only alternative we had. The longer everyone stayed inside, the more they become aware of home and personal health & hygiene.


Staying safe and protected from the virus has now gone way farther than wearing a mask, sanitizing hands and maintaining social distancing. Now, people have started to worry about their everyday routine and safety from the virus and other disease-causing pathogens. People have become extra diligent about their hygiene standards.

How Covid-19 Shed Light on Overall Hygiene?

When the pandemic began, the importance of hand hygiene skyrocketed. The demand for hand sanitizers, hand washes and soaps shot up.  Panic stricken, people started stocking up safety essentials without focusing on the need and ingredients of the product.

However, the situation is different now. Though the vaccines are here, the demand for hand sanitizers and other safety essentials stand high. The major difference being more than a year down the line, today, the consumers are more aware of the situation, and they have started researching before purchasing any hygiene product.

While previously everyone remained busy in their hectic schedules, lockdown gave them ample time to dwell upon personal and home hygiene and made them realize its significance. So, now along with hand hygiene, self-care has also become important. The skin care, overall personal hygiene, and home wellness have made their way up in our daily lives.

Covid-19 – A Blessing in Disguise to our Well-Being

The Covid-19 lockdown has changed all of us in some or another way. Many have understood that what matters in life is personal health, mental wellness and balance. Now everything has shifted more towards living a good quality of life and maintaining good hygiene levels.

Such an unprecedented period actually inspired us to stop, think and reflect on our surroundings. With everyone indoors, the pollution has reduced, and the environment has been clean like never before. All these made consumers move towards products that contain natural ingredients and are sustainable. Consumers have now started to getting into the details of product ingredients and the brands.

How Future Health & Hygiene will Benefit?

People are presently maintaining strict hand hygiene, home care and respiratory hygiene in the wake of the pandemic. If people continue to follow such practices even after the pandemic ends, one will notice a drastic improvement in the health and hygiene standards. Since there are other disease-causing pathogens present in the environment, such practices will help stay safe from several contagious diseases, thus taking the health standards of society a notch higher.

So, in case you notice a surge in requirements for personal hygiene and home care products anytime soon, then do not be surprised. In fact, according to Hindustan Times, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, even though a large section of the country is expected to see a reduction in their income in the coming six months, many will prefer to buy more personal hygiene and home care products.

The consumer shift towards health and hygiene products is here to stay for a long now.  People are thus on a quest to look for brands providing innovative and sustainable solutions when it’s about personal and home hygiene segments.

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