How to Prevent Pit Stains on Your Favourite Shirt?

by Amit Vyas on Apr 21, 2022

How to Prevent Pit Stains on Your Favourite Shirt?

The only time we actually think about how to prevent sweat stains on clothes – is when we’re compelled to put our favourite shirt in the trash, owing to those ‘stern’ yellow stains. Regardless, that ship has already sailed, and there’s nothing much you could do.

Getting such yellow stains removed from clothes is not an easy job and can be irritating. However, there are some ways to remove them. But rather than putting in extra effort to remove those stains, how about we put in little effort to prevent them?

Extreme underarm sweating is unpleasant, but it does not have to be unpreventable. There are different tips and tricks for avoiding sweating, so stick to the post and know how to prevent pit stains, and you will never have to throw away another shirt!

Why Do You Get Yellow Armpit Stains?

While your sweat is odourless and colourless, you must be thinking, why does it give you sweat marks – well here’s why:

Pit stains appear when the protein in your sweat glands combines with aluminium and other chemicals present in your antiperspirant or deodorant. Almost all traditional deodorants and antiperspirants include aluminium in their formulations. Your sweat contains ammonia, water, urea, salt, and sugar. So, when the sweat in your armpits gets mixed with ingredients like aluminium from your antiperspirant, it leads to yellow stains.

Moreover, the cotton fabric also includes proteins. Apparently, cotton shirts are also sensitive to sweat stains. So, if you sweat excessively, do not prefer wearing cotton shirts. Also, you need to know that the more time sweat and aluminium get to absorb into your shirt, the more difficult stains are to remove. Hence, do not let your shirt stay in a laundry bag for days!

A good deodorant or antiperspirant is an essential part of your daily hygiene routine since it helps you smell fresh and reduce sweat for the entire day. However, you can alter the way you use your regular deodorant/antiperspirant to prevent pit stains. The best you can do is switch to an aluminium-free alternative.

How to Prevent Pit Stains?

Wait a Few Moments between Showering and Dressing

After you have taken your shower, wait, and relax for a few minutes before you dress up for the day. Especially if you regularly take hot showers or live in a humid climate, you need to wait in-between your showering and dressing. Ensuring that your body stays cool and dry before you wear clothes can aid in preventing underarm sweating straight after your bath.

Quit Wearing Antiperspirant

Antiperspirants or traditional deodorants usually contain aluminium, which causes yellow stains. Aluminium blocks your sweat glands, and the ingredient has been linked with the risk of breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. So, using an aluminium-free deodorant is a safer alternative.

Switch to Natural Deodorant

Turning to an aluminium-free natural deodorant is a great way to prevent pit stains. You must try our RxSAFE Deotize, a revolutionary product made using all-natural ingredients, paraben, SLS & aluminium free. Deotize keeps you fresh all day long and kills up to 99.9% of germs, viruses and bacteria with its sanitizing properties. You get the usefulness of staying stain-free and protected against illnesses using Deotize.

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Do Not Over Apply

Smearing on layers and layers of deodorant can indeed cause or worsen pit stains. A few swipes of your deodorant will work just fine. Allow plenty of time for drying after applying the product. Besides this, an excess of application can clog your sweat glands, creating the perfect environment for sweat or bacteria.

Reduce Your Caffeine Intake

Sadly, your favourite coffee can be the reason behind sweat stains on your clothes. Yes, caffeine boosts the nervous system and helps your body wake up, but it is the cause behind sweating too. Moreover, other hot drinks that do not include caffeine can also cause body sweating by raising your internal temperature.

Re-evaluate Your Diet

A lot of foods and beverages ask for an extra effort to digest, which leads to a rise in your body temperature and extreme sweating. For reducing sweat and preventing pit stains, you should drink plenty of water and eat foods that have a high-water content so that it keeps your body cool. Some good food and drinks to prevent sweating are spinach, watermelon, bananas, green tea, almonds and more.

Wash the Clothes Immediately

Do not let the stains dwell through the fabric; otherwise, they will become impossible to remove completely. Hand wash or machine wash sweat-covered clothes as soon as possible, so you don’t have to work twice as hard later to remove the stains.

Whether you sweat too much or love natural products just like us – use our RxSAFE Deotize to prevent pit stains and stay protected.

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