How to Stay Safe and Fresh During Navratri 2021?

by Amit Vyas on Apr 21, 2022

How to Stay Safe and Fresh During Navratri 2021?

Navratri is inching closer!

One of the biggest festivals of India, Navratri is celebrated with sheer grandeur and excitement. People celebrate the nine nights of Navratri with their friends and family by dancing, having fun, creating beautiful memories amidst the delight of lights, colours and Garba songs.


Along with dancing, Navratri is also time for socializing- meeting friends, having good food and clicking great pictures. This can leave you tired and at risk of getting infected. Thus, it’s essential to stay fresh and safe.

While you enjoy to the fullest, your skin might be the one that’s not happiest. With all the extensive dancing and other activities, the skin can get irritated, sweaty and tired.

Apart from that, we cannot completely neglect and forget the risk of Covid this Navratri and thus need to take maximum precaution and protection.

To ensure you feel refreshed all day long, smell good and stay protected from germs, viruses and bacteria, RxSAFE brings you a smart and innovative product, Deotize- The Deodorant that Sanitizes. On top of protecting yourself from disease-causing pathogens, Deotize makes sure you stay fresh even after a classic Garba night.

This Navratri, Dance with Ease Alongside Deotize!

Get ready to dance your heart out this Navratri, for we have a Deotize for every Garba enthusiast out there. RxSAFE range of Deotize includes - Deotize Bliss and Deotize Bloom for women and Deotize Desire and Deotize Delight for men.

Here’s why any of our Deotize is your ultimate upgrade this Navratri:

  • Deotize, along with keeping you fresh for 12 hours, will also protect you from 99.9% of germs, viruses and bacteria with its sanitizing properties.
  • Deotize is a natural deodorant that will take your freshness to a whole next level with its revitalizing fragrance, so no matter how much Garba you do, you will continue to stay fresh all time.
  • You can stay odour and sweat-free and dance like no one’s watching and socialize without any worries.
  • It’s made using natural ingredients like Tea Tree Oil and Rosemary Oil.
  • Deotize does not contain any harmful ingredients like aluminium, sulphate, parabens or baking soda that can cause diseases or skin concerns.
  • Deotize helps whiten your underarms and is certified by NABL Accredited Lab.

Who Needs a Deotize this Navratri?

The ones who should definitely use a Deotize this Navratri are:

  • The Dance Freak: Ask almost any dancer, and you will know how odour and sweat is their everyday problem. Anyone who does not even sit for a minute during Garba needs a Deotize.
  • The Socializer: One who walks around the ground and catches up with friends and relatives should also get a Deotize since they need to stay protected from germs, viruses and bacteria they could get from others!
  • The Universal Entry Giver: There’s always one person in a group that manages to get Garba pass for everyone. If you’re that person, you will need a Deotize since you will be running here and there to get your friends inside the venue!
  • The Ultimate #OOTD: You look perfect from head to toe, but are you sure about smelling good? Don’t ruin your Garba attire with an unpleasant odour this or every other Navratri!
  • The One on Date: We don’t think we need to tell why you need a Deotize. Get one today so that you don’t get embarrassed or awkward on your post-Garba date.

Enjoying these nine nights of Navratri becomes so much fun and easy with RxSAFE!