Know Some Good Ways to Keep New-born Chapped Lips at Bay

by Amit Vyas on May 26, 2022

Know Some Good Ways to Keep New-born Chapped Lips at Bay

New-born chapped lips are a common phenomenon occurring in any season. However, as a parent, keep in mind that if your new-born baby gets dry or chapped lips, you will have to pay special attention and care to them compared to efforts put by adults to treat their chapped lips.  

All things considered, treating the chapped lips of new-borns is not an uphill battle. With some quick and natural ways, you can easily treat new-born chapped lips in a matter of some days.  

Before we know quick ways to treat chapped lips in babies, let us find out the causes for the same.


Causes of New-born Chapped Lips:  

  • Sucking or Licking Lips Constantly
  • Fluctuations in Weather
  • Skin Shedding
  • Kawasaki Disease
  • Nutritional Deficiency

Sucking or Licking Lips Constantly 

New-borns suck or lick their lips all the time, even if they're not getting breastfed. The reason why a new-born baby's lips get dry is because the saliva on the lips vaporizes, leaving them more dehydrated than before. Constant sucking or licking of lips has to be the most common cause of new-born chapped lips.  

Fluctuations in Weather 

When your baby is only a few months old, you must protect her from the outside world because the skin cannot withstand the extremes of changing weather. Chapped lips in a baby can occur in the summer, winter, or during windy weather. The baby's delicate skin can be drained of moisture by changing weather, hence leaving the baby's lips dry or cracked. 

Skin Shedding 

After birth, a new-born’s skin begins to adjust to the external world, generally by shedding some of its skin. Time and again, parents tend to fret over skin shedding in their new-borns and misinterpret it as a skin problem. Nevertheless, skin shedding is normal in new-borns and may lead to dry lips or skin peeling.  

Kawasaki Disease 

Kawasaki disease is a rare condition that can affect infants and children. The medical condition causes a prolonged fever and blood vessel inflammation. Kawasaki disease also leads to chapped lips and typically affects children between 6 months and 2 years of age.

Nutritional Deficiency 

Chapped lips can sometimes signal that a new-born is deficient in certain nutrients. Lips may appear unhealthy if the necessary nutrients are not present. People who suspect their new-born is malnourished should seek medical attention.


Treatments for New-Born Chapped Lips:  

  • Breast Milk
  • Try Natural Oils
  • Petroleum Jelly
  • Use Baby Lip Balm

Breast Milk 

The perfect antidote to your new-born’s chapped lips is breast milk. Even if it sounds a little bizarre, you can use breast milk as a remedy for your new-born’s chapped lips. Colostrum, included in breast milk, has a lot of antibodies that fight off chapped lips and many other health issues.  

Try Natural Oils 

A good and natural way to cure new-born chapped lips is to use natural oils like coconut oil or olive oil. Natural oils can relieve the dry lips of your baby with their moisturizing effects. When moderately used, these oils are absolutely safe. Pour a small amount of natural oil and apply it to the baby's lips to soften and hydrate them.  

Petroleum Jelly 

Petroleum jelly, a lanolin-based product, is a gentle healer that moisturizes your baby's lips and heals the cracks. This is a safe product, and even if your baby consumes petroleum jelly by licking your lips, it is not a worry. With your finger, apply a thin layer to your infant's lips. Use these at night while the baby is sleeping to keep the product on the lips longer by allowing them to heal better. 

Use Baby Lip Balm 

Whether an adult or a baby, lip balms have been widely used to treat and prevent chapped lips. However, you need to avoid using an adult lip balm on your little one. Look for a baby lip balm to treat your new-born’s chapped lips - do not forget to get a natural, safe and dermatologically tested one.  


RxSAFE is known for creating natural, safe, and smart health and hygiene products. So, you must try our Babytize Baby Lip Balm, which is a powerful source of Vitamin E and is made using plant-based ingredients like Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Castor Oil and more. This baby lip balm is free from toxins, offers deep hydration and protects against 99.9 % of germs, viruses and bacteria.  

Chapped lips in new-borns are not a cause of concern, and you can treat them at home and prevent them by taking some measures beforehand. If your baby's chapped lips do not get better with home remedies, then consult your doctor. 

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