Ordering Food Online During the Covid-19 Pandemic? 5 Precautions You Should Take!

by Amit Vyas on Apr 21, 2022

Ordering Food Online During the Covid-19 Pandemic? 5 Precautions You Should Take!

The activities we used to do for recreational intents such as going out for shopping, watching a movie, playing games or dining out in a restaurant, have come to a standstill because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Out of all this, the main change that hit us hard was not being allowed to go for a fancy meal at a restaurant, leaving us with the only option of embracing home-cooked food.

During the onset of the pandemic, online business was almost at an end. The regulations placed by authorities to limit the spread of coronavirus have made our daily lives tougher. Getting food is one of the most significant problems it has created. But, with relief in lockdown guidelines, the restaurants started to reopen, and everyone could again indulge in the food from eateries that delivered food at home.

Since most of us are enthusiasts of eating outside food – online ordering offered us the opportunity to fulfil our cravings. Nonetheless, the concern, which still exists today, even after almost 2 years of the pandemic – is food delivery safe, bearing in mind the pandemic? Let’s try finding an answer to this.

Is Food Delivery Safe During Covid-19 Pandemic?

The awareness and knowledge about coronavirus have made most of us extra careful about personal hygiene and our surroundings. Since we have been asked not to let our guards down when it’s about wearing a mask, maintaining social distance and staying indoors, ordering food online is confounding.

When you order food delivery, the entire process involves strangers. From food preparation to food delivery at your doorstep, you come in contact with a person who might have visited so many eateries and houses. So, this must be a point of worry for everyone.

However, the good thing about this is – there’s no evidence that the virus spreads through the food. Cooked and warm foods do not spread the virus, but that cannot be true for raw and cold foods like salads. So, make sure you order the food wisely.

Overall, we can say that ordering food online is safe and good restaurants take appropriate measures to deliver safe and hygienic products. But that does not mean you do not take any safety precautions while taking and handling the food delivery package.

Adopt the following food safety precautions when ordering food online:

Only Order from Trusted Diners

Settle your anxiety regarding food safety by ordering only and only from a trusted and hygienic restaurant. Avoid ordering from eateries that do not follow optimum hygiene standards and have higher chances of making you sick. Most restaurants would have mentioned their cooking process and how they are ensuring cleanliness during the Covid-19 pandemic. So, the best is not to take any risk of ordering from anywhere.

Go for No-Contact Delivery

Keep a social distance and avoid interacting with the food courier in person. You can request that the food be delivered to your door. Several restaurants and food delivery companies have implemented systems to limit contact between delivery personnel and customers. Choose from either of the digital methods of payment for no-contact delivery services and if you really want to tip the delivery person, you can do so over the phone.

Transfer the Food into Your Plate

Even if the virus does not spread through food, it can transmit via the food package – yes, because the coronavirus can live on surfaces for days, so the best way is to move the food from the restaurant container into your plate. But before you transfer the food onto a plate/container, spray Tulsi enriched Utensitize, a utensil sanitizer that kills up to 99.99% of germs, viruses and, bacteria. Your plate will be ready-to-use in mere 5 seconds.

Practice Hand Washing

Well, washing your hands before eating is a habit you must imbibe; especially now when washing your hands for 20 seconds has become extremely crucial due to the pandemic. Also, after you handle the restaurant package, ensure that you directly go to wash your hands and do not touch your face while in between. In case, you are not in a situation to wash your hands, use Foamtize, a waterless foaming hand wash that cleans, moisturizes and sanitizes your hands.

Heat the Food

The virus is heat sensitive, and the heat used to cook the food would be sufficient to kill the virus. However, because the food may have been exposed to the elements while travelling, it’s best to be safe and reheat it in a pan or microwave so you can enjoy it without any concern. So, with this precaution, the food is totally good to relish !

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