Stop Overusing Hand Sanitizers NOW – Here’s Why!

by Amit Vyas on Apr 21, 2022

Stop Overusing Hand Sanitizers NOW – Here’s Why!

Washing hands with soap and water is the best and most simple defence we’ve against disease-causing microbes.  Soap can kill several microbes such as germs, viruses and bacteria, including the novel coronavirus. While we have been always aware of the importance of washing hands, but the pandemic made us acknowledge it like never before. Yet the fact is washing hands everywhere and every time is just not feasible.


Hand sanitizer has become our ultimate alternative for the times when we cannot wash our hands. The coronavirus pandemic has made hand sanitizers an indispensable component of our everyday hand hygiene.  While using hand sanitizers make us feel safe and protected against the virus and compel us to use them frequently. We often forget to apprehend the unpleasant effects of overusing hand sanitizers.

Here are some reasons why you need to avoid frequent use of hand sanitizers.

Harms Your Skin

Most of the hand sanitizers available in the market are alcohol-based, and alcohol is an antiseptic. If you’re using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, there are chances that the skin of your hands is rougher than the rest of the skin. The reason being, alcohol has drying effects on the skin. When you’re overusing hand sanitizer, it takes away moisture from your hands, leading to dry, irritated and flaky skin.

Can Affect Your Hormones

Some hand sanitizers contain alcohol or triclosan to kill germs and bacteria effectively. Triclosan is a component used in our everyday essentials like toothpaste and body washes in a certain amount. However, studies suggest that a high amount of triclosan can affect your hormones and cause an imbalance in your body. Overusing hand sanitizer can prove to be a catalyst in creating this imbalance. This side effect of a hand sanitizer is not much discussed and could be something that not many are aware of.

Overusing Might Not Really Serve the Purpose

We all have been using hand sanitizers because reports say that hand sanitizers with 60% and above alcohol content are effective against killing germs, viruses and bacteria. However, in reality, frequent use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers pulls out the natural oils and beneficial bacteria from the skin, which reduces the natural defence of the body against diseases and can also lead to skin disorders.

Increase Risk of Eczema or Dermatitis

One of the main side effects of overusing a hand sanitizer is that it can lead to eczema or dermatitis because of increased exposure to allergens and potent irritants. Moreover, if you’re someone already with a history of eczema, then using hand sanitizer can elevate your symptoms. Eczema or dermatitis exhibits signs of redness, discoloured patches and cracks on the hands.

Can Damage Vision if it Gets into Eyes

You might not even notice that you’ve been touching your eyes post applying a hand sanitizer. However, as hand sanitizers include alcohol in higher quantities, they might lead to burning and paining of your eyes and damage the cornea cells. Usually, the hand sanitizer damage to the eyes may heal but better to be safe than sorry.

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So, What Would Be a Better Alternative?

Now, you know using hand sanitizer frequently can be a little bad for you. So, one option would be to make a natural hand sanitizer at home, which can be a reliable but tricky and tedious process. If you fail to prepare it right, it can be skin-damaging also.

You can consider an innovative safety solution designed by RxSAFE also as an option.

RxSAFE has developed Foamtize, an alcohol-free and smart foaming hand wash that not just sanitizes your hands but moisturizes them as well. Foamtize comes with a pleasant fragrance and is certified by NABL Accredited Lab to protect hands for up to 12 hours from 99.9% germs, viruses and bacteria.

Keeping your hands shielded from microbes and skin problems becomes a lot easier with Foamtize.