10 Summer Essentials for Your Baby to Have a Great Summer!

by Amit Vyas on Apr 27, 2022

10 Summer Essentials for Your Baby to Have a Great Summer!

Summers are fierce and exhausting for health, mainly for a baby's health. Because rising temperatures can dehydrate and irritate the baby's skin, taking care of your baby is all the more important at this time of the year. Adding the right set of products to your baby care routine while at home or outside is imperative to ensure a comfortable summer for your little one.  

 Make sure you prep well this summer to beat the heat for your little one!  

 10 Must-have Summer Essentials for Baby:  

  • Cotton Wear
  • Sun Blanket
  • Soft and Breathable Diapers
  • Baby Lotion and Sunscreen
  • Baby Top to Toe Body Wash
  • Baby Powder
  • Stroller
  • Water Bottle
  • Nappy Rash Cream
  • Baby Wipes 

#01- Cotton Wear 

Warm temperatures lead to dampness and sweating throughout the summers, which are the major causes of skin infection and irritation to the baby's thin and delicate skin. To avoid skin irritation and infection in babies, you should make your little one wear natural, soft and breathable material like cotton. Cotton clothes are moisture-wicking, comfortable, and breathable, thus perfect for your baby during the summer months.  

#02- Sun Blanket  

Having a lightweight cotton blanket is an essential summer baby product you need to have. Such sun blankets are pretty handy as a burp cloth or a play mat while at home. When you are travelling, use this sun blanket to nurse the baby, swaddle the baby or when you need to change the baby's diaper.  

#03- Soft and Breathable Diapers 

Diapers are another necessity that your child will be wearing on a routine basis. Whenever he or she requires them, you must ensure that you get the ones suitable for summer which help you avoid diaper rashes and skin irritation. You will get a lot of variety of diapers, but make sure you buy soft, breathable and absorbent diapers.   

#04- Baby Lotion and Sunscreen 

The scorching heat can make the baby's skin dry and cause sunburns. The reason you should use a good baby lotion to keep your baby's skin soft and supple in summer. Moreover, to protect your baby from sunburns and UV rays, add a baby sunscreen lotion that includes zinc-oxide and natural ingredients to the routine.  

#05- Baby Top to Toe Body Wash  

What could be more refreshing than a good bath on a hot day! You should maintain your baby's hygiene and keep her fresh all day by bathing her nicely. Use a natural top-to-toe baby wash for your baby's delicate skin and scalp. You can try RxSAFE Baby Top to Toe Wash, made using Turmeric Oil, Vitamin E and more, which cleanses the body well and has the power to protect from up to 99.9% of germs, viruses and bacteria.  

#06- Baby Powder 

Baby powder is a must-have summer essential baby care product to avert skin problems that may rise due to sweating. You should apply baby powder on your little one to keep her dry, prevent skin friction and avoid redness or rashes. A good baby powder that includes ingredients like Aloe Vera, Lavender Oil, etc., will be good to protect the baby's skin health.  

#07- Stroller 

If you're planning to go for a nice walk or a picnic with your baby, then a canopy stroller is the best alternative for your child. A canopy is an extra bit of cloth that extends from the stroller's hood and protects the baby's eyes from the sun's rays. 

#08- Water Bottle 

You can give your baby water in tiny quantities if she is above six months of your age. So, if your baby is above 6 months, then ensure that you keep a baby water bottle in the bag whenever you step outside. You should give your baby water when her skin becomes warm, the face looks flushed, or she breathes hastily.  

#09- Nappy Rash Cream 

Diaper rashes are bound to appear in summers - they're just unavoidable. This is why you need to keep a nappy rash cream, not just at home but wherever you go out with your baby. Every time you change the baby's diaper you should apply the nappy rash cream to soothe the baby's skin and keep it protected. Nappy cream sets up a moisture-wicking protective layer to protect the skin from irritation caused by nappy and water blowouts. 

#10- Baby Wipes 

Last but not the least, the most imperative thing your diaper bag should include is baby wipes. You may not be able to find a restroom everywhere you go, so you must keep baby wipes with you. Baby wipes are gentle on the skin, cleanse and moisturize well to keep the baby's skin soft and supple. You can use baby wipes on the entire body, making the baby feel all fresh and cool!  

Now you know great summer essentials to rescue your little one in this heat, so do not wait much to stock up on these baby care products for summer.