Baby Wipes - Why You Should Use them, and How to Buy the Best Baby Wipes?

by Amit Vyas on May 18, 2022

Baby Wipes - Why You Should Use them, and How to Buy the Best Baby Wipes?

Ask a parent one thing they cannot forget to keep in their baby's bag, and they'll answer baby wipes, for sure!   

Baby wipes are essential - we know that. There's no way you can survive without baby wipes as a parent. Baby wipes are the first thing that touches your little one's delicate skin, so buying the ones that are totally safe and organic is a must!  

Not everyone is aware of what kind of baby wipes to buy, why you should use baby wipes on your little one, and how to use them right. So, we're helping you with some vital information surrounding baby wipes.  

Why You Should Use Baby Wipes on Your Baby?  

For the first few months, your baby is in eat, sleep, poop, and repeat mode. Apparently, this cycle continues many times a day, making it inevitable for you to change 7-8 diapers in a day. Every diaper change requires you to clean the baby's bottom, so baby wipes become your handy saviour.  

Because of extensive diaper usage, the skin around the diaper area gets exposed to urine, poop and wetness. This skin has more layers and wrinkles than other areas, which makes clean-up difficult. A reason why most babies get at least one case of diaper rash. 

Diaper rash prevention and care require frequent changes and cleansing to extract urine and faecal enzymes from the skin. It is critical to clean the skin after each change. Using gentle wipes can make this job go more quickly and easily. However, if your baby is more prone to diaper rashes, using a diaper rash cream works better.  

Baby wipes are very easy to use, and every parent must prefer them for healthy cleaning for their children. You can use them to clean the baby's buttocks, ears, nose, hands, and other areas.  

How Should You Use Baby Wipes?  

Here's how you need to use baby wipes on your little one: 

Use of Baby Wipes for Baby Girls: 

Remove the wet diaper and softly wipe the area clean from front to back, using baby wipes. Make sure that you do not wipe her area from back to front because bacteria may enter the urinary tract, causing inflammation and raising the risk of urinary tract infection. Wipe the creases between the buttocks and thighs using a clean baby wipe.  

Use of Baby Wipes for Baby Boys: 

When changing a baby boy's diaper, clean his genitals first. Try to use the baby wipe under the testicles and between the thighs to reduce the risk of infection. Finally, wipe his buttocks. Allow your baby's diaper area to air dry with a washcloth once you've finished wiping it. 

How Often Can You Use Baby Wipes?  

You can use baby wipes after every diaper change to clean the area entirely. Babies require a minimum of 8-10 diaper changes per day, with 1-2 wipes used for each change.  

You do not have to worry about excessive baby wipe usage leading to skin troubles if you use baby wipes that are natural and chemical-free. So, choose baby wipes that are as natural as possible because they're going to be a part of your baby's everyday routine.  

What to Consider When Buying Baby Wipes?  

So many brands are dealing with baby wipes, making it confusing for you to buy the one that is safe and the best for your baby.  

You will come across several options, such as extra-thick, scented, unscented, alcohol-free and more. So, how will you choose the best baby wipes? Here's what you must consider: 

  • If your baby has extra sensitive skin, do not choose scented baby wipes because they can irritate the baby's skin. 
  • Look out for the ingredients. The fewer the ingredients, the better the selection.

Ingredients to Avoid While Buying Baby Wipes:  

  • Harsh chemicals and additives

  • Parabens, any ingredients ending in paraben: ethylparaben, methylparaben, or propylparaben

  • Sulfate

  • Phthalates

  • Sodium benzoate

  • Paraffin

Ingredients to Look for While Buying Baby Wipes:  

  • Without alcohol

  • Essential Oils

  • Plant-based ingredients

Just like you wish to protect your baby every minute, choose baby wipes that are the most protective of your baby's skin.  

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