Ways to Keep Your Car Germs and Bacteria-free! | RxSAFE Car Sanitizer

by Amit Vyas on Apr 21, 2022

Ways to Keep Your Car Germs and Bacteria-free! | RxSAFE Car Sanitizer

Washing hands regularly and disinfecting high-touch surfaces in your home and workspace has been the priority for almost all of us. However, we often forget about the sanitization of our cars. The interior of your car harbours a surprisingly greater number of germs, viruses and bacteria. Like you sanitize your home and workspace, you need to keep your car clean and sanitized.

We don’t want sunlight to enter the car and prefer keeping the windows shut while keeping the air conditioner on – all of this can lead to the growth of germs, viruses and bacteria. Not eradicating germs, viruses and bacteria from your car will put your health at risk. So, you should put some effort into cleaning and sanitizing your car.

Use the Ambitize Car Sanitizer Spray

An effective way to keep your car free from germs, viruses and bacteria is using a car sanitizer spray. Use RxSAFE Ambitize Car, the sanitizer spray for the car that not just ensures freshness and imparts a great fragrance, but also works as a sanitizer that kills 99.9% of germs, viruses and bacteria.

Here’s why Ambitize is the best car sanitizer spray for your car:

  • Protects car from germs, viruses and bacteria for up to 12 hours
  • You get a pack of 3 portable and easy-to-carry Ambitize car sanitizers.
  • Ambitize car sanitizer is approved to kill 99.9% of germs, viruses and bacteria by NABL accredited lab.
  • Possess signature bouquet fragrance that seizes the aromatic essence of Rosemary Oil.

Some other ways to keep your car safe from germs, viruses and bacteria:

Scour the Air Filter

A cabin air filter ensures you get clean air in your car. Now, if your cabin air filter does not impart cool air or passes unpleasant and musty air, then you should consider getting the air filter in your car scoured or replaced. When you continue using the air filter accumulated with dust, you breathe bacteria through your car’s air conditioner. You should replace the air filter in your car every 6-8 months and more often if you use it excessively.

Disinfect Surfaces in Your Car

To inhibit the spread of germs, viruses and bacteria, you should disinfect every high-touch surface in your car. Use alcohol-based disinfectant wipes to disinfect the door handles, steering wheel, armrest, buttons, mirrors, gear stick, seat belts, etc. The likelihood of getting infected reduces if surfaces are kept clean. If not wipes, you can disinfect the car using soap, water and a disinfecting solution with isopropyl alcohol.

Let the Sunlight Come Within

Sunlight is considered a natural disinfectant, so you should let some sunlight enter your car. You can let the interiors of your car be exposed to sun rays after you have cleaned the car using a disinfectant solution or wipes. Allowing some fresh air inside your car will also be good. However, you cannot consider sunlight as the only disinfectant for your car since it may not reach every spot in your car.

Remove Dust from the Car

Dust is one of the most expected habitats for germs and bacteria. Because a car is confined, the odds of germs multiplying inside are substantially higher than in open spaces. Use a brush to clean the car interior. You can also make your job easier by removing the dust using a vacuum cleaner and ensure removing any left-over food particles to avoid the growth of bacteria and molds.

Clean the Car Seats, Cushions and Other Upholstery

Upholstery like car seats, cushions are breeding spots for germs and bacteria. You can start by using a vacuum cleaner on your car seat and cushions to remove dust. After doing so, grab some alcohol-based solution and soapy water and wipe the car seat and cushion. Make sure you do not clean the upholstery harshly because it will damage the surfaces in your car.

So, with these ways, you can clean and disinfect your car thoroughly and stay germ-free. To clean the exterior of your car, you can use a good-quality car washing liquid, a microfibre cloth and some water.

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