Why You Should Prefer Natural Deodorants over Regular Deodorants?

by Amit Vyas on Apr 21, 2022

Why You Should Prefer Natural Deodorants over Regular Deodorants?

The world is changing, and so are the people. A growing number of customers are now making conscious buying decisions, especially when it comes to products that are consumed or directly applied on their bodies. They weigh the effects these products can have on their body and also on the planet.


Natural products have become popular for a good time now, and we believe their popularity will continue to rise in upcoming years. One such natural product leading the way in the personal care segment is - natural deodorants.

Natural deodorants are made using no artificial ingredients. In simple words, natural deodorants do not comprise of aluminium, Paraben or any other toxins that can harm the skin. On the other hand, regular deodorants include aluminium, Paraben and alcohol-based ingredients.

However, many people believe that natural deodorants are not as effective as regular deodorants. Even though there is a rise in the demand of natural deodorants, many people still question whether it’s the right decision to shift to natural deodorants or not.

Here are few beliefs and doubts that are prevalent among the consumers. Let us understand how right or wrong they are!

Belief: I sweat more, even after applying deodorant!

Truth:  People think they sweat more after applying natural deodorant.  The truth is whether you use regular deodorant or a natural one, you will sweat! Sweating is a natural process, so no deodorant will be able to stop that. Moreover, the typical body odour   – is not due to sweat but actually due to the bacteria. RxSAFE has put efforts to solve this problem by crafting an innovative product – Deotize, the deodorant that sanitizes!

Deotize is a natural deodorant that kills 99.9% of germs, viruses and bacteria while providing you a long-lasting freshness and fragrance.

Belief: Natural deodorants do not irritate the skin

Truth: Natural deodorants do not irritate skin, if you have switched to a natural deodorant and feel like your skin is getting irritated, then the chances are that deodorant includes baking soda. People with sensitive skin can have the side effect of baking soda. However, 100% natural deodorants like Deotize do not contain baking soda. Deotize uses magnesium chloride instead of baking soda and other skin-soothing ingredients like Tea-Tree Oil and Rosemary Oil, making it completely safe and gentle for sensitive skin.

Belief: Natural deodorants taint clothes

False: Your shirt has got yellow stains on the armpits area? The deodorant you are using may include aluminum, the reason behind the yellow spots on your shirt. Also, there could be a possibility that you are spritzing little extra deo, causing stains on your clothes. The best would be to use a natural aluminum-free deodorant, which not just keeps you odour-free but your clothes stain-free too.

Belief: You’ll need to apply lots of deodorant!

False: Most of us believe that we need to apply a lot of deodorant to mask our body odour. However, if the ingredients are natural and harmless, you don’t have to overuse them. Natural deodorants do not contain gas so stay for a longer duration and don’t evaporate – so they are required in less amount. Only 2-3 swipes would be sufficient. Next time you go out, do not apply layers and layers of deodorant.

Belief: Natural deodorants are healthier than regular deodorants

Truth: Yes, that is true. Natural deodorants are healthier than regular deodorants. Skin is semi-permeable, which means it absorbs the ingredients it is exposed to. Regular deodorants contain Aluminum and Paraben, which can be harmful to your body and, when absorbed by the skin, can cause skin trouble. Armpits are next to lymph nodes and breast tissues; thus, the negative impact regular deodorants can have on your health is beyond realization.

RxSAFE Deotize is Alcohol, Aluminum and Paraben-free.  It includes skin-soothing ingredients that whiten your underarms and keep them healthy, so choose wisely.

We hope we have cleared a lot of doubts and misconceptions you might have had. You can get in touch with us to know more.

Make a smart move and pick Deotize today!