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We are RxSAFE
and we are on a mission!

In 2020, the world was in a predicament no one ever saw coming – The COVID-19 pandemic. It filled the entire world with panic and also made everyone question the safety and hygiene standards of our everyday routine. With the lockdowns, life came to a halt! “Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energies to what you can create.” At HyFun, we came together to make everyone feel safe. Since the virus was every individual’s priority and they were looking for something that shields more than just their hands, we took it upon us to fill that huge gap. Thus, the journey of innovation began!
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The journey to make the world a safer place...

With thorough research and tireless hard work of our team members; we got our first breakthrough in the form of Facitize – India’s First-ever Face Sanitizer!

With the appreciation we received for Facitize motivated us to widen our horizons and think beyond. Today, RxSAFE has successfully created a range of innovative products like Foamtize- Smart Foaming Hand Wash, Utensitize – Experst Sanitizer for Kitchenware, Deotize- A Deodorant with Sanitizing Properties and Ambitize- The Air Sanitizer which are the perfect combination of rich natural ingredients and smart chemistry.

The use of sanitizer increased manifold after the pandemic hit the world. But not everyone realised that repeated use of alcohol-based sanitizers had an adverse effect on the skin and damaged it. This is where we as RxSAFE wanted to intervene. We wanted to make sure our sanitizer provided natural protection infused with care.

Kamlesh Karamchandani, Founder & CEO of RxSAFE


Delivering Safety Infused with Care

Kills Up to 99.9% Germs

Kills Up to 99.9%
Germs, Viruses & Bacteria

All our products are crafted with special formula to kill up to 99.9% germs, viruses and bacteria to shield you and provide you complete protection

Tested by NABL

Tested by NABL
Accredited Lab

We take quality seriously and safety even more and that’s the reason all our products are tested and certified safe by NABL accredited lab

Natural & Organic

& Organic

Our R&D Team has made sure to use the best available natural ingredients in creating the products to ensure that you get safety infused with care



We do not test any of our products on animals. Be assured that RxSAFE is completely cruelty-free



All our products are 100% vegan. None of them contain any animal ingredients in any form

The Road Ahead…

We aim to solve the problem that causes people’s distress, and with that, we will also elevate the hygiene practices by offering solutions that protect and care.

Our R&D team is constantly working on innovation and product development, intending to build a safer future. We turn unique market insights into befitting products that match the needs of our consumers. Our ambition is to create next-generation healthcare & wellness products with safe and dynamic functions & features that translate into enhanced physical and emotional health.

If there is any product in your mind that is essential but isn’t available in the market yet, feel free to reach out to us. We would love to work on your requirements and bring innovative products to you.

The Road Ahead

The RxSAFE Team

Dr. Richa Dayaramani
Technical Director
Dr. Richa Dayaramani has 20+ years of professional experience in teaching and research industry. She is also the core committee member for UNESCO Bioethics (Pharmacy) India Chapter. She has published 23 research papers in indexed journals, authored three books, and filed 4 patents.
Mr. Chirag Dagli
Marketing Director
A brand evangelist, creative strategist and communication expert, Chirag specialized in Advertising and Communication from MICA in 2002. He is the founder of Ahmedabad's pioneer digital agency - Communication Crafts, established in 2005. He has been working on brands of all shapes and sizes ever since.
Mr. Narayan Ray
National Sales Head
Mr. Narayan Ray is an industry veteran with 30+ years of rich experience. He has worked with Sanofi and Brillaire.
Mr. Rahul Keswani
Associate Vice President, Operations
Mr. Rahul Keswani comes with a 10+ years of experience into fashion and lifestyle products. He ran a personal venture by brand name ‘Pankura’ and was also associated with Samsung before joining us.