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The Air Freshener That Sanitizes
(5 customer reviews)

Revitalize and sanitize your homes & workplaces with the power of Ambitize, a one-of-its-kind air sanitizer that seamlessly combines the function of an air freshener with a sanitizer.

Made with the goodness of Rosemary Oil, Ambitize the air disinfectant spray kills up 99.9% germs, viruses and bacteria and keeps your spaces fresh and clean.



Purifies, sanitizes and freshens the air!

Get the best of both worlds – freshness and safety with Ambitize, the air sanitizer spray!

Ambitize air sanitizer refreshes your spaces and safeguards your environment from germs, viruses and bacteria. This disinfectant spray with signature Bouquet fragrance captures the aromatic essence of Rosemary Oil, known for its antibacterial properties, which leaves your spaces rejuvenated and smelling fresh after each use. Keep your spaces free from germs, viruses and bacteria with the power of Ambitize- air sanitizer.

Kills Up to 99.9%
Germs, Viruses & Bacteria

Goodness Of
Rosemary Oil

Up To 12 Hours

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Signature Bouquet

Tested by NABL
Accredited Lab

Freshen the air and safeguard the environment in just 3 steps!

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step 2 ambitize


Ambitize 3

Spray as

Understand the benefits and applications

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Elevate your mood and keep your surroundings protected with Ambitize air sanitizer

Made with natural ingredients Rosemary Oil


Frequently asked questions

Ambitize is a fantastically fragrant natural air sanitizer that ensures up to 12 hours of protection with its ability to kill up to 99.9% germs, viruses and bacteria.

Ambitize is a one-of-its-kind Air Sanitizer that seamlessly combines the function of an air freshener with a sanitizer. Our Bouquet fragrance captures the aromatic essence of Rosemary Oil, known for its antibacterial properties, which leaves your personal spaces rejuvenated and smelling fresh after each use.

Ambitize is specifically made to sanitize spaces and surfaces however it is clinically tested and found to be dermatologically safe and non-irritant.

One can use Ambitize as many times as preferred.  

The air around you might look clean and bacteria free, but in real, it might be different from what it appears. Just like surfaces and skin, it’s equally important to sanitize the air around you. Worried about the weird smell? We have a solution for that too!

Ambitize the air sanitizer spray/air disinfectant spray that protects your surroundings from germs, viruses, and bacteria. This multipurpose air sanitizer spray/air disinfectant spray also works as an air freshener spray/room freshener that leaves a flowery fragrance behind.

Ambitize is one of the finest choices among air sanitizer sprays for home. The presence of antibacterial properties along with the goodness of rosemary oil make it the No.1 air freshener spray as well as air sanitizer spray.

This disinfectant spray for home/ sanitizer spray for home is a must have for the safety of your loved ones.

5 reviews for Ambitize

  1. Bedachhanda Das

    After I got my hands on this product, my experience with this product was pretty good!?This spray is a two -in- one solution for all the sanitization problems. It acts as a disinfectant spray as well as a room freshener ❤ It makes you free from the headache of regular sanitation and provides you a germ free environment.Also it does the job of a room freshener and adds a cool smell in the room!? I really love this product and thanks to RX brand for launching this unique product.A must have guys! ?Go for it.❤

  2. Chetana salunkhe

    It’s a really great product. It has an amazing fragrance and helps me to disinfect and sanitize my house… specially during covid, it has helped me a lot as an add on to the basic sanitzation … also the fragrance is long lasting and keeps my room smelling great for a very long time

  3. Nakshatra Jaiswal

    Good sanitizer for home. Refresh the air. Light and beautiful smell which is really good. Good quality product in affordable price. Just love the product

  4. Shailesh nair

    The perfect product for a home with safety. Was bit reluctant to buy, as it was new to me, but used it and my entire family loves it.

  5. Radhika Kansara (verified owner)

    Awesome Product. Fragrance is so amazing and long lasting.
    Good sanitizer for home. Awesome quality product at an affordable price. Loved it

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