Family Face Protection Combo

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RxSAFE Facitize is a non-alcohol face sanitizer that also contains the effectiveness of five essential oils.

Facitize forms an invisible shield around your face and protects you against germs, virus, bacteria, and Mucormycosis for up to 6 hours (The Black Fungus). It’s India’s First-Ever Face Shield Gel.

While Facitize Junior is the version crafted specially for the sensitive skin of the children of age 3-13 years.

With this Face Sanitizer Gel- Face Protection Combo, you and your family will be able to step out of the home with confidence every time.

The Family Face Protection Combo
Facitize (Adult) 100 ml
Facitize junior (Age 3-13) 100 ml
Premium Leather Pouch

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Facitize Junior Combo
Family Face Protection Combo