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Safe Meal Combo

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Get Premium leather pouch worth 399/- Free

No more worrying about contaminated food, when your utensils and hands both get clean and sanitized.

The kind of food you eat and the way you eat it plays an important role in maintaining your health. While you are careful about what you eat, make sure you disinfect the kitchenware you put your food on and your hands as well.

The Safe Meal Combo contains: 
Utensitize 500ml X 1
Foamtize 50ml X 1
Premium Leather Pouch


Utensitize (1)


Utensitize is a revolutionary product by RxSAFE.
Utensitize is a sanitizer for kitchenware that adds an extra layer of protection by killing 99.9% of germs, viruses, and bacteria. It comes with the goodness of Tulsi and is suitable on glass, porcelain, and metal surfaces.

Utensitize can be used before every meal. Just spray the utensil sanitizer on your utensils and they are ready to use in just 5 seconds.

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Foamtize is a smart foaming hand wash that guarantees safe and clean hands all the time!  Foamtize is safe on the skin and comes with no alcohol formula which sanitizes your hands and also moisturizes them at the same time.

It has a refreshing lime fragrance that provides 99.9% protection for up to 12 hours against viruses, germs, and bacteria.

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Pouch 1

Premium Leather Pouch

Upgrade your style statement with this easy to carry leather pouch worth Rs 399/- free with this combo. Designed to perfection this classy pouch lets you carry all your safety essentials in one place and stay safe and protected always.

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